Tax Return Information via 1098T

The 1098T form provides the reportable amount of tuition and fees billed to a student’s account during a calendar year. It does not represent payments made during that year. Financial aid received during the year will also be present on the form. Students are required to provide their social security number to Registration/Records, in order to obtain the 1098T automatically. A third party processor, ECSI, creates and mails the year-end tax form. The Cashier’s Office does not have access to the individual 1098T forms and will refer you to the website and information below.

The 1098T must be mailed from ECSI by January 31st. If you do not receive a 1098T form please contact:

www.ecsi/net/taxinfo.html  OR

The school code is: I Z

ECSI’s phone number is: 1-866-428-1098

A student is able to "opt-in" to receive their 1098T form online via the website listed above.