For Current EOF Students

Welcome Current EOF Students!

Throughout your time with EOF@OCC, you will receive individualized support and guidance, which maximizes your opportunities for success and learning. You must complete your requirements each semester in order to stay in good standing. Communication is most important. If you have challenges, questions, or need some tough love, EOF is here to help!

EOF Requirements:

EOF Student

-    Complete your FAFSA

-    Must be registered full time (12 credits); part-time must be approved

-    Monthly advising to discuss goals, concerns, student planning, transfer, graduation requirements, any changes in your course registration (add/drop, withdraw, etc)

-    Maintain satisfactory academic progress (at least a 2.0 GPA)

-    Attend two Whole Life Learning workshops (sent to school email, posted on EOF Canvas page, flyers hung in office); please submit the Event Participation Certification to your advisor for credit

-    Attend two tutoring sessions

-    Attend the Fall & Spring Open Houses