Preparing for the Placement Test: Accuplacer

Students studying

For most majors offered at OCC, students need to take English and Math courses. In order to make sure students register for the correct English and Math classes, they are required to take a Placement Test. The test we use at OCC is the Accuplacer, a computerized set of tests developed by The College Board. The OCC Placement Test includes the Writeplacer Essay, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills (for grammar, punctuation and spelling), and  Elementary Algebra. 

Students who need to take the Placement test (because they do not have PARCC, PSAT, SAT, or ACT scores OR those scores are not high enough to qualify for college-level courses) can prepare for the test by practicing their writing, reading and algebra skills and by taking practice tests. Since the test is given on the computer, it's best to practice on the computer. 

Take advantage of the following resources: