What is a Depository Library?

The Federal Depository Library Program is rooted in an 1813 Congressional resolution to make available copies of the House and Senate Journals in select libraries and institutions outside of government agencies. The program has grown tremendously over the years and is now a network of libraries located throughout the United States and its territories. These libraries are called "Depository Libraries"and ensure free, public access to government publications and associated reference service.

Not every library is large enough to house every available publication. Therefore, each state has a regional library that receives 100% of items published by the United States Government. Other libraries, including the Ocean County College Library, are select depositories and receive only a fraction of available documents.

New Jersey's Regional Library, is the Newark Public Library. The Ocean County College Library, as a selective depository, aims to receive between 15-20% of available federal documents. [It shoudl be noted that the Ocean County College Library also serves as a full depository for New Jersey state documents, receiving 100% of available state documents.]

What does this mean for the Ocean County College Library?