New Programs and Courses

Addictions Counseling - Certificate of Completion 

This program of study is the mandatory core of alcohol and drug counseling courses designed to prepare the student for becoming credentialed in New Jersey as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. These specialized courses are approved by the State of New Jersey Board of Marriage and Family Therapy Examiner’s Alcohol and Drug Counseling Committee and by the Addictions Professional Certification Board of New Jersey for the required 270 education hours.

ENGL 151 English I 3 cr.
PSYC 172
SOCI 181
General Psychology

Introduction to Sociology
3 cr.
ALDC 101 Addictions Disorders & Recovery 3 cr.
ALDC 102 Addictions Counseling: Professional Responsibilities 3 cr.
ALDC 103 Addictions Counseling III 6 cr.
ALDC 104 Addictions Counseling IV 6 cr.

Total Credits

24 cr.

Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Management Degree

Onsite Online Science Courses

Many science courses are now available as online/onsite (OSOL) classes! The convenient classes let you take a lab science that meets once per week. 

Classes include:

  • BIOL 114
  • BIOL 119
  • BIOL 130
  • BIOL 131
  • BIOL 161
  • BIOL 162
  • CHEM 180
  • CHEM 181
  • CHEM 182
  • CHEM 283
  • CHEM 284
  • PHYS 180
  • PHYS 171

How it Works

  • You only need to be on campus one day a week
  • Course lecture, assignments, quizzes and tests will be completed online like a E-learning course
  • You meet with a small group of students (12 or fewer) for a seminar on the same day that you have lab

Physical Therapy Aide – Certificate of Proficiency

The Physical Therapy Aide certificate program prepares students for employment in the field of physical therapy.  Employment settings may include private physical therapy facilities, hospital based facilities, occupational therapy and recreational therapy centers.  Students may apply credits earned in the certificate program toward an associate degree. 

Learn more about this program.

Sports Management – Certificate of Proficiency

The Sports Management certificate program is designed to provide students with the comprehensive skills needed for entry level employment.  Employment settings may include sport camps, golf courses, YMCA, and minor league sports stadiums.  Students may apply credits earned in the certificate program toward an associate degree.

Learn more about this program.