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Certificate of Proficiency in Small Business Management

The program of study is a core of business
courses which are designed to prepare the student
for ownership and operation of a small enterprise.
These specialized courses stress the role of the

Required Courses:

1 of the following 2 Accounting courses is required:

Additional Requirements:

  • Small Business Management Electives: 12 cr. ACCT 162 Principles of Accounting II (3 cr.) BUSN 132 Business Calculations (3 cr.) BUSN 210 Business Communications (3 cr.) BUSN 215 Integrated Software Applications (3 cr.) BUSN 220 Career Mgmt. & Organizational Behavior (3 cr. ) BUSN 252 Business Law II (3 cr.) BUSN 270 Principles of Advertising (3 cr.) CSIT 126 Intermediate Spreadsheets & Database (3 cr.) MATH-156 Introduction to Statistics (3 cr.)