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Certificate of Proficiency in Information Technology

This Computer Science/Information Technology
certificate program is designed primarily for the
student in the work environment seeking to
become computer literate through a non-degree
course of study.  A certificate will be awarded
to students completing the courses with a
cumulative average of 2.0 or higher.  This
curriculum provides a basic core of hardware
and software courses with 12 credits additional
CSIT elective courses designed to address needs in
preparing the student for advancement in the work
environment or to the next level of computer
science study.

Required Courses:

Additional Requirements:

  • MATH 151 A Survey of Mathematics OR MATH 171 Finite Mathematics OR MATH 181 Introduction to Probablity 3 cr. OR higher than MATH 181
  • 200 Level Computer Science Elective (3 cr)
  • Computer Science Electives (CSIT-115 or higher) 9 crs.