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Certificate of Proficiency in Exercise Science

This exercise certificate program is designed to
prepare students for entry level positions in the
ever-growing area of personal conditioning
and wellness as determined by current science
and technology.  Students may apply credits
earned in the certificate program toward an
associate degree.

Required Courses:

1 of the following 2 Biology courses is required:

1 of the following 2 Health courses is required:

Additional Requirements:

  • HEHP Activity Electives (4 cr): HEHP 100 Aerobic Conditioning (1 cr) HEHP 101 Weight Training (1 cr) HEHP 102 Volleyball (1 cr) HEHP 109 Tennis (1 cr) HEHP 150 Swimming I (1 cr) HEHP 151 Swimming II (1 cr) HEHP 172 International Folk Dance I (1 cr) HEHP 173 International Folk Dance II (1 cr) HEHP 210 Karate I (2 cr) HEHP 211 Karate II (2 cr)