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AAS American Sign Language-English Interpreting

The A.A.S. in American Sign Language-English
Interpreting program prepares students to
interpret English into ASL and ASL into English.
The program promotes American Sign Language
skills, an understanding of deaf culture,
knowledge of the interpreter's role and
responsibility, theoretical skills in
interpreting, and practical experience in
interactive settings.  Various settings in which
the interpreter works are examined in addition to
ethical decision making in relation to the role
the interpreter.

This program attracts applicants coming from
various backgrounds:  (a) graduates of two and
four year ASL programs, (b) individuals with no
degree but with prior knowledge and skills in
and (c) beginning students.  Students who
successfully complete ASLN 100: American Sign
Language I and ASLN 103: American Sign Language
II will be admitted into the program.  Students
who transfer into the program from other
institutions must first meet with the Program
Chair for skills assessment in order to determine

Students within the program will need to achieve
a "B" or higher in each course in order to
continue in the program.  In the event a student
receives a "C", it will be up to the Program
Chair to allow the student to continue in the
program on program probation.

Required Courses:

Additional Requirements:

  • One (1) Humanities course selected from the list of approved General Education Courses.