Angel Camilo

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College Lecturer II, Science

Office: HIER, 132

Phone: 732.255.0400 Ext.2817


Teaching Schedule

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Course Disciplines

Anatomy & Physiology  
BIO-131 Anatomy & Physiology II  
BIO-119 Biology of the Human Body  
BIOL-161 General Biology I  
BIOL-162 General Biology II  
BIOL- 114 Biology  
BIOL-242 Microbiology  


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo

 The first university in the new world, founded in 1538

OCC Involvement

  • Dean of Adjunct Faculty 2012 to 2015
  • Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member 2012
  • Member of the New Jersey Academy of Science
  • Member of IEEE
  • Advisor of the Chess Club
  • Advisor of the Makers Club
  • Advisor of the Environmental Club
  • Co-adviser to the Computer Club
  • Co-author, presenter and winner at the Faculty Showcase Poster Competition 2016
  • Co-publisher a paper on Mycelium at the New Jersey Academy of Science.