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Students walking under the OCC archway with their backs turned

November 21, 2017

OCC Foundation Kicks Off Its Annual Scholarship Appeal

Do you remember dreaming about what you wanted to be when you grew up? Perhaps, you know how it feels to struggle to pay your tuition bill. You may even remember what it felt like to graduate from college and get your first big job.

Education is the root for a healthy community, paving the way for a better future for not only students but businesses and residents as well.

“Becoming a collegiate student-athlete had been a goal of mine for many years. However, the balance between school, sports, and working two jobs, while serving as President of the Student Government, was becoming very stressful. The financial aid provided by the Foundation through its generous support has allowed me to fulfil my dreams, focusing more on what is important to me at OCC,” explained Kyle Unger, OCC Student.

For many Ocean County College students, they dream of a college education and career. They want to begin their journey, but financially, it doesn’t seem like an option. But there is hope!

Ocean County residents, business owners, and community organizations can help talented and deserving students receive a world-class education at Ocean County College. An education that will allow them to pursue their hopes and dreams and create a future that we can all be proud of.

The Ocean County College Foundation has kicked off it’s 2018 Scholarship Fund Drive. Your donation, big or small, can help support the next generation of Ocean County College students. You can make a difference in the lives of deserving students who would otherwise not be able to afford tuition without your assistance!

If you would like to support the Ocean County College Foundation’s 2018 Scholarship Fund Drive, please call 732-255-0492 or give online today at

All gifts to Ocean County College are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.