Kids Summer 2018 Astronomy

Explore the Planets & Stars, Campers!

Astronomy Adventurers!                                                 Ages 9-12

This camp will have you truly seeing stars! Learn the science of stars and galaxies and the technology we use to understand things too far away to see. View light through a spectroscope! Use a telescope! Search for planets that could support life! Find constellations, learn their stories, and test the ideas of astrology. The week will end with a trip to OCC’s planetarium. Content is correlated to the NJ Science Standards. Register Now

Come Explore the Wonders of Outer Space             Ages 6-8

Explore the wonders of our solar system! Learn about the sun, other planets and moons. Search for life beyond the earth! Train like an astronaut! Make your own constellations, alien lifeforms, and much more! The week will end with a trip to OCC’s planetarium. Content is correlated to the NJ Science Standards. Register Now

Kids Summer 2018 Sign Language

Creative Sign Language                     Kids & Teens                                       Ages 7-13

Learn to communicate using American Sign Language! Learn major concepts of this visual language as well as how to hold a basic conversation and express interests. Learn the core values of Deaf culture and gain an appreciation of the Deaf community. Discuss your favorite holidays, colors, families, and what you aspire to be when you grow up. Whether you have a family member or friend who communicates with ASL or just wants to learn to sign, come take part in this fun-filled learning experience. Register Now


Kids Summer 2018 Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Explore your hidden talents through creative writing! This class gives you the opportunity to develop your writing through short stories, poetry, prose or personal narratives. Share works in class and take home a newfound confidence in your writing abilities. The only requirements are a notebook, pencil, and an imagination. Register Now


Kids Summer 2018 Make It Take It Home

Make it & Take it Home             Science Projects                           Ages 6-11

Discover how amazing science is! Make and take home a wide assortment of toys designed to teach science concepts. Grow a crystal tree! Make an energy bead bracelet! Build a working electric motor! Learn some cool chemistry. Make your own bubbling blobs and explore the properties of a density tube. Make silly putty, glowing goo, green flubber, and other cool projects. We will also make ice cream in our own Science-sational way! Register Now