Employee Training & Workforce Development

Working with Employers to Provide Employee Training

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CPE Business Engagement works with large and small public entities and private employers to provide training for employees and management in variety of areas. Benefits of our programs include:

  • Training can be customized to an employer’s individual needs. 
  • Classes can be conducted on the OCC Main Campus, the Southern Education Center in Manahawkin, or at your location.
  • In many cases, this training is grant funded and tuition free. 
  • Requested training can be dedicated to a company wishing to train a minimum of 15 employees.
  • Employers may also send employees to public Open Enrollment Classes that are routinely posted and conducted at OCC or SEC.

The Basic Skills and Employability Skills Workforce Training Program is a partnership with the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, Community Colleges and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development

View the OCC Business Engagement Brochure (PDF)

For More Information Contact:
Michael Forcella
Business Engagement
  732.255.0400 ext 2157