Report a Concern

Title IX law requires that the OCC Title IX Coordinator receive notice of all reports of sexual misconduct. Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex; it ensures that you have the right and can expect to have incidents of gender-based misconduct to be taken seriously. When formally reported, incidents will be investigated and properly resolved through administrative procedures. Formal reporting means that only people who need to know will be told and information will be shared only as necessary with investigators, witnesses, and the accused individual.

In addition to the Title IX Coordinator, there are individuals known as “Campus Reporting Authorities”. OCC Security officers are official Campus Reporting Authorities for the purpose of reporting criminal offenses. Other OCC officials who have responsibility as campus reporting authorities include: officials who have significant responsibility for student and campus activities, and individuals who are identified by OCC policies as those to whom students and employees should report criminal offenses. Individuals who are perceived as having the authority or duty to take action or to report sexual misconduct to OCC are also Campus Reporting Authorities. Disclosure of different types of sexual misconduct shared with a “Campus Reporting Authority” must be reported promptly to the Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator works collaboratively with the reporting individual, and makes every effort to operate with discretion and maintain the privacy of all personal involved.

Confidential Resources keep your identity and information private and anonymous. Counselors are confidential resources.

OCC Counseling Services
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