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In order to continue to lead the world through innovations in the technology and health care industries, it is important that our scientists remain at the top of their field. Whether you wish to pursue a career in biology, chemistry, environmental science or another specialized field, earning an online Associate’s degree in Science can provide the tools that you need to realize your desired goals, including job opportunities and transfer to four-year institutions.  The online Science degree at Ocean County College allows for courses centered on:

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Biology -- for individuals who are interested in learning about how living organisms interact with our environment, or simply put, the science of life on Earth, and focus on a broad range of course topics including cell biology, anatomy, plant biology and animal physiology.

Environmental Science -- focuses on how pollutants affect the globe and ways to prevent or eliminate such toxins from entering our environment. Graduates in this field often find themselves working in the public health arena or pollution control and recycling sectors. Due to the overwhelming need for environmental solutions, jobs in environmental science will continue to grow.

Our Science courses are unique in the fact that they carry with them a true hands-on lab experience through the purchase of kits that are delivered to students’ homes.  These kits contain materials that allow students to perform labs that are similar if not identical to those performed in our face-to-face classes.  This unique lab experience is what has made our courses rigorous and transferable to four-year institutions.

Science courses at Ocean County College include: General Biology I and II, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Microbiology, Environmental Science, Ecology, General Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry I and II, and Physics I and II.

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"Hi, I'm Micah Sales and I have been a distance learning student at Ocean County College for the past two years.  During these two years, I took Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Physics I & II, General Biology I & II, and General Chemistry I & II.  Being a non-traditional student, I was looking for a flexible way to take prerequisite courses for graduate school while being able to stay at my current job.  These distance learning courses were appealing to me because they allowed me to complete my course work at any time and get ahead all while not being confined to sitting in a classroom for a specific time of day.  The professors were always available by email or phone and provided quick responses to any questions I had.  Currently, I’m in the process of applying to graduate schools with the hopes of enrolling this summer or fall.  

My lab experience was amazing.  The best part of each lab was the amount of time I could dedicate to the experiment instead of having only an allotted amount of time in an actual lab.  We had a week to complete each lab and by performing them at home allowed so much flexibility.  The only difficulty I had was in the dissections for the anatomy and biology courses.  This was due to the smell and preservation of each experiment.  The directions were very precise with step-by-step images as well as links for additional in-depth information.  Overall, I had a great experience."

Micah Sales.- 2015


"Taking classes through Ocean County College's eLearning Department is an exceptionally rewarding, positive experience which has been instrumental in my success as a student. From the comfort of home, I am able to fully participate in diverse, challenging courses, led by attentive, dedicated professors who clearly enjoy what they do."


"I just wanted to say I'm really impressed with this course!! I took A&P at my undergrad, Virginia Tech, and the lab was done strictly online with pictures of cadavers. This is way more beneficial and hands on and I have had a great time. Thank you very much!”


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