Online Transfer Agreements

Many students pursuing their Associate’s Degrees through distance education programs here at Ocean County College plan to transfer to a four-year institution upon completion. It is important to always plan ahead with your advisor to ensure that you meet the requirements to transfer to the institution of your choice. In order to be prepared for application deadlines, you should consider your transfer plans early in your sophomore year. In the “Transfer” section of the OCC website, you can find FAQs and other important tools that will ease your transition into a four-year program. OCC has forged relationships with various online institutions to expedite and simplify the transfer process for students wishing to transfer from distance education programs here at OCC into online four-year degree programs. This benefits students by ensuring the transfer of as many credits as possible into your new Bachelor’s degree program. OCC is accredited by various higher education accrediting bodies, such as Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. In order to support successful transfer of credits between institutions, mutual accreditation is required.

List of Online Transfer Agreements

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