Many students plan on transferring to a four year institution after they have completed their Associate Degree here at Ocean County College.  As a student, you should work closely with your academic adviser during the transfer process.  You may need to apply to a 4 year college well in advance of your OCC graduation.  Therefore, transfer is something that you should be thinking about early in your sophomore year.  There are many resources that you can use to make your transfer as seamless as possible. You can find these resources by visiting the “Transfer” portion of our website.  Within the transfer section of the OCC site, there is a wealth of knowledge and tools that will assist you in your transfer to a Bachelor’s degree program.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education

OCC also works with many four year Colleges and Universities to ensure the transfer of as many credits as possible towards your Bachelor’s degree.  We are accredited by numerous accrediting bodies, such as Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Mutual accreditation is an important piece of transferring successfully between two institutions.


We currently offer the following agreements:

Transfer Agreements

Online Transfer Agreements.