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Course Schedule



E-learning degree seeking: students that plan on attending part or full time and completing their entire degree online with OCC.

Visiting student:  a student currently enrolled at another college or on summer break from another college.  Visiting students are limited to 11 credits or less.

A Non-degree student is a part time student not enrolled in a degree program.  Non-degree students are limited to 11 credits or less.

E-learning Students

Students who wish to pursue their complete degree online at Ocean County College can get started by contacting an admissions rep at 732.255.0400 ext. 2960 or submitting our Request Information Form.

Non-Degree Students

Students from other colleges and universities or individuals pursuing new interests may register for courses at OCC.

Visiting or Non-Degree students do not have to prove that they have taken the prerequisite(s) required for a particular course. Visiting students accept responsibility for the transferability of courses.

Visiting or Non-Degree students will be given access to register online through the following steps:

  1. Complete an Application for Admission by applying online.
  2. When asked to indicate your anticipated Enrollment Status, answer Visiting Student (currently attending another College/University) or Non-Degree.
  3. Requesting permission to register online:
    1. Visiting Students must prove that they are current, valid students. Please use your school-issued e-mail account to send a copy of your unofficial transcript to
    2. Non-Degree students must send their request in an e-mail to
  4. Once you are informed you have access to register online, you will use your school-issued Ocean Connect account to register for classes (You are limited to 11 credits before you must declare a degree). Review Online Registration Instructions before registering.