Testing for e-Learning Students

All degree seeking students must show proficiency in Math and English by either taking the placement test, or submitting test scores and/or transcripts that demonstrate proficiency. You might be exempt from one or all sections of the placement test if you have qualifying test scores or unofficial transcripts from an accredited institution that show you have successfully completed college-level Math and/or English courses.


We use the Accuplacer college placement test, which can be taken from home, with a virtual proctor that you will schedule through the Testing Center. There is an additional fee for the virtual proctor. To get started, please contact e-Learning, Advising at elearningadv@ocean.edu

If you might need testing accommodations, please contact accommodations@Ocean.edu

Developmental Policy

As a general rule, students must complete required developmental courses immediately to ensure success in other courses. The college will not award a diploma to any student who has not demonstrated competency in the basic skills. Students are expected to enroll in all required developmental courses in their first semester.

Students identified as needing English 091 will be restricted to a limited course load. The limited course load will consist of the needed developmental courses and other courses selected from the approved limited load course list. You will work with your academic advisor in choosing your courses.

Preparing for the Placement Test

Students who need to take the placement test may prepare for the test by practicing their writing, reading and algebra skills and by taking practice tests, using (free) websites. Since the test is given on the computer, it's best to practice on the computer.  There are plenty of free practice opportunities available online, and absolutely no need to spend money on Placement Test preparation!  Here are some great (free) websites which offer both practice and preparation for the various sections of the Placement Test:

  • The College Board site provides a great overview of the whole test and describes all of the different sections of the test. Sample test questions are also available at this site. Who better to describe the test and provide practice questions than the folks who develop the test, right?
  • Don't be fooled by this Test Prep Review site; it does offer study materials for a fee, but there are also FREE self-assessment modules, which provide great practice questions. Just scroll down a little ways, and you'll find lots of free practice sections as well as links to additional free subject resources‚Ķeverything from Algebra to Verbs!
  • Lots of free practice is available at this Accuplacer Test Success site, and there's even a set of practice tests in PDF format if you have a burning desire to print out hard-copy and practice on paper rather than online. You can even practice while you're on a road trip.
  • Study Guide Zone. This is another site offering practice in PDF format. Practicing with paper and pencil tests is not as good as online practice tests, but this site includes another excellent overview of the test.
  • This Academic Skills Center site, sponsored by the New England Institute of Technology, provides both practice tests and strategy skills which can be applied not only to your Placement test, but throughout your college career. It's well worth the time to go through the Reading, Writing and Study Skills menu items to pick up some very useful.